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Google Ads is an incredible opportunity to bring high-quality traffic to your website

Are you wondering what the difference is between advertising with Google Ads and advertising with the other marketing tools available? With Google Ads, you can come first in Google results for people who are looking for what you offer. Even better, you only pay when they click and visit your website or your landing page.

Have you already tried Google Ads and didn’t get the results you expected? Google Ads is a complex tool and the wrong setup will give you the wrong results. Experimenting with Google Ads without the required expertise can become a very costly exercise! With the help of a Google Ads expert, you could have the right Google Ads setup that will allow you to rapidly overtake your competitors and drastically increase your sales.

Decide your daily budget.

Manage your marketing budget easily. No lock-in contract; you can stop or pause your campaign whenever you need.

Get Immediate results.

Google Ads is much faster than SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Generate leads as soon as your campaign is live

Targeted location

Advertise only where you’re able to serve customers, whether it’s the entire world, a country, a region, or narrowed down to your own suburb

Accurate Data

Get a perfect picture of how your Google Ads campaigns are performing. We provide  easy to understand reports 

premium google ads services

Managed by Boost Online, your Google Ads strategy will be the key to your marketing success


With Google Ads, you can get ahead of your competitors quickly and easily. With an advanced campaign built by Boost Online, you stay in control of your advertising budget and achieve your goals faster. We can target your campaigns to get extra sales from potential customers looking for your products or services on the internet, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Book a free consultation and our Google Ads expert will show you how you can overtake your competitors in no time by using Google Ads the right way.

When people click on your ad, they are redirected to the web page of your choice. It can be the home page of your website or a specific landing page. Designing specific landing pages with the right message and a clear call-to-action is key to your success. You will also save significantly on your ad spend (aka Google Ads budget).
At Boost Online, we have the extensive knowledge required to design beautiful, fast and responsive landing pages for you. We can also simply give you directions to implement the necessary changes to your existing website.

Book a free consultation to discuss how we can help you optimise your website and landing pages for more conversions.

Once your Google Ads campaigns are in place, we will provide on-going management services. We will analyse data and keep your campaigns optimised to ensure your Google Ads account remains profitable.

Your Boost Online team can take care of your online advertisement on a month-to-month basis, no lock-in contract. We truly believe that having an awesome and long term relationship with our customers is all about keeping them happy. If you feel you are not getting the results you expected, you will be able to cancel at any time.

Book a free consultation to discuss how we can start your business with Google Ads or take on your existing campaigns to maximise your results.


We believe things don’t need to be complicated to be profitable. 

Step 1: Free Consultation

Your Google Ads expert comes to you. Get answers to all the questions you may have about your digital marketing strategy

Step 2: Detailed Proposal

We want you to have a perfect understanding of what is included in our services. Receive a detailed proposal a few days after your free consultation

Step 3: Campaign Creation

We build your new advanced Google Ads campaign. You will have a better understanding of your market and more business opportunities.

Step 4: Ongoing Management

After launch, we will continue to optimise your campaign. We stay by your side the entire way to your digital advertising success

let’s do it together!

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“In order to be able to help you with your Google Ads action plan, we first need to understand your business.”

What to expect once you book your FREE consultation?


  1.  If your business is based on the Gold Coast (QLD), your Google Ads expert will come to you. We can also meet you on Skype or Facetime (which allows us to work with customers all around the world).
  2.  Your Google Ads expert will answer your questions and give you his honest opinion on how digital advertising can perform for you.
  3.  After the consultation, you will receive a detailed proposal for our services based on your specific needs (usually within 72 hours of the consultation).