5 things you should know before you advertise your business on FaceBook

With almost three billion active Facebook users in 2023 (source: Statista), it’s tempting to think that your company could make some extra sales by showing paid ads on the most popular social media platform. If you are new to Facebook ads, and you are considering using this strategy to advertise your company online, keep reading. We are just about to share our 5 best tips…

1- Understand the difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Having a clear idea of the main difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads will drastically increase your chances of success with your online advertising strategy.

  • Google shows your ads to people that are already looking to buy your products or services 
  • Facebook displays ads to people matching your ideal customer profile 

You can’t expect your leads to be as warm on Facebook as your leads coming from Google search campaigns. That’s why FaceBook Ads clicks are (or should be) significantly cheaper than the clicks you get from your advertising campaigns on Google or Bing. 

Why is Facebook Ads so popular if not as effective as Google Ads? 

Facebook’s main advantage is to let you reach a wider audience. It is ideal if you want to increase awareness around what your company has to offer.

If you want to learn more about Google Ads, you can read our article: The benefits of Google Ads for local businesses

2- Increase your business notoriety with Facebook Ads

Consistently working on your business notoriety is extremely important for any company wanting more clicks resulting in sales. Facebook Ads is an incredible opportunity for local businesses to work on their notoriety at an affordable price, as you target only people in your area and with some interest in your products or services. 

3- Creating an appealing offer is the key to success:

Example: You are a 20-year-old man travelling the Australian east coast. You are now on your way to the  Gold Coast. You are browsing your Facebook feed and this irresistible offer just pops up on your screen:

“Are you visiting the Gold Coast soon? Save up to 25% on your next unforgettable jet ski experience. Click here to instantly receive your coupon code!” 

Of course you will click and take advantage of this opportunity! How was this possible? The jet ski tour company created an ad on Facebook, targeting young adults into water sports and who mentioned on Facebook that they intend to travel on the Gold Coast… 

If you want results with this strategy, your offer has to be TRULY irresistible. 

What if you don’t get the expected results? Analyse the data and learn from it. You may have to make your offer even more attractive and make sure you target the right audience.

 4- Set up your remarketing campaigns: 

This strategy works for almost all kinds of companies. The idea is to show one or several ads on Facebook to people that already visited your website (or a specific page on your website). Facebook Ads Remarketing is a smart strategy to combine with Google Ads. Use Google Ads to generate warm traffic on your website, and Facebook Ads Remarketing to reconnect with these potential leads later down the track.

 5- Organic VS paid Facebook traffic:

Creating a business page on Facebook is a good start, and being active on Facebook is great for  increasing trust from your potential customers. A few years ago, all you had to do to reach potential customers was to post quality content on your page. Unfortunately, Facebook has made some drastic changes to their algorithms in the past few years. If you have a page and you post a new article in 2023, don’t expect more than 2% of your company page followers to see your article in their feed (unless you pay to boost your post). This means that if you have 300 followers, only 6 of them might see your new post. Facebook Ads are not cheap! But it will give you a lot more visibility than only relying on organic posting. If done properly, your Facebook Ads should significantly increase your marketing return on investment.

Are you looking for a FaceBook Expert?

At Boost Online, we work with several web advertising and social media specialists. If you are looking for a Facebook Ads expert, feel free to send us a message. If we know a good Facebook Ads specialist in your area, or with some experience in your industry, we will happily refer them to you.

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