7 reasons you should create your website with WordPress

At Boost Online, we believe that WordPress is a no-brainer when it comes to creating a small or medium size company website. As a matter of fact, we don’t use other Content Management Systems (CMS) or website builders to develop our clients’ websites.

We are not alone to think this way! WordPress is by far the most popular website development tool around the world. In 2023, more than 38 million websites are powered by WordPress and an average of 650 new websites are created everyday. This represents more than 42% of the web and 65% of websites created with a CMS or a website builder (Sources: w3techs and Builtwith).  

Most well-established national and international companies such as Zoom, Vimeo, Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company use WordPress to promote their brands online.

1) WordPress is 100% FREE

WordPress is an open source software and completely free of charge. It allows you to create any kind of website including portfolio, E-commerce and blogging. This doesn’t mean that your website will be 100% free just because you use WordPress. In fact some expenses will be necessary if you have a serious online project: hosting services, premium plugins, content creation, and of course developer fees if you don’t want to do the work yourself.

2) Large WordPress community

You will never be alone if you have an issue with your WordPress website. Many forums are only dedicated to WordPress, and with millions of users, it is most likely that someone already answered your questions out there. If you cannot find the right information online, some web agencies or freelancers may be available in your area to offer online or even onsite support.

3) WordPress has a plugin for everything

As WordPress is an open source software, many experienced web developers create plugins to add some new features that everyone can use. Most of these plugins are free. However, there are generally premium versions with more features available. E-commerce features, advanced contact forms, online booking appointment systems, and much more can easily be implemented on a WordPress website. 

Even if you need to buy a premium plugin, the cost will only be a small portion of what you would need to pay if you had to hire a developer to create the code.

4) Upload all kinds of content to your website

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It makes it easy to upload new content to your website or manage existing content. Anyone can do it! You will be able to integrate all kinds of content into your website within minutes including texts, images, videos and animations. Uploading new content as often as possible is one of the keys to success in keeping your website attractive to new and returning visitors.

5) WordPress is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Friendly

If search engines can’t read the content included on your website, they will never rank it, and your site has no chance to be organically found by your potential customers. WordPress creates a structure that allows search engines like Google and Bing to easily go through the website and analyse the content. The code automatically generated by WordPress is high quality, and similar to what an experienced developer would manually write.

6) Unlimited design possibilities

Different options are available to create a website with WordPress. Your best option will depend on your requirements, expectations and of course, your business. 

If you are a solo entrepreneur, your website budget will logically be lower than a big company. As WordPress is an open source website development software, it is very likely that several professional web designers have already created some pre-made templates specific to your industry. This is going to be a great option for you, and significantly reduce your website design and development costs. You can choose your favourite template and start from there.

If your business is a larger company, you might want to create your website design from scratch, and have something unique that perfectly matches your brand identity. In that case, you can hire a web designer and use a popular WordPress page builder like DIVI or Elementor to develop your new website. At Boost Online, we have experience with both of these page builders, and we highly recommend Elementor.

7) Security

The standard WordPress security features are excellent out of the box. Always consider going with a good hosting company, and do not be afraid to pay for a premium plan. Many extra security features will be included to protect your website at server level. We highly recommend Siteground. Their customer support is great, and all plans include the best security features plus a reliable daily backup system. Siteground is the hosting company we use at Boost Online to host all our websites.

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