Benefits of Google Ads for local businesses

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Google Ads

There is no doubt that the internet is an incredible opportunity for local companies to get more customers. If you’ve already created a website showing the world what you’re offering and how it benefits your customers, well done! This is the first step of a good online marketing strategy. But how can you attract more potential buyers to your brand-new website?

In this article, I will explain what Google Ads is, how it works and why you should use it to promote your local company.

Just before we dive into this incredible tool called Google Ads, I would like to mention that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still important, and Google Ads cannot replace it. Before you start your first Google Ads campaign you should make sure that your website is well optimized for the internet’s various search engines.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an Online Advertising Platform created in 2000. It was originally named Google Adwords but Google decided to change the name in July 2018. This tool was highly improved over the years and in 2019, on average, forty-one percent of clicks are on the top 3 paid ads. it is by far one of the fastest ways to generate high quality traffic to any website. In fact Google Ads is the main revenue source for Google, with almost $100 billion generated in 2017.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is based on an auction system, you pick keywords that you think potential customers will search for when they are looking for your products or services. Decide who your audience is, who you want seeing your ads, and how much you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ads. Then Google runs an auction of sorts and people with the best quality ads related to the search terms and the highest bid win the auction.

Obviously, this system is all automatic and algorithmic; it happens in just one or two milliseconds.

 The winner of the ‘auction’ gets his ads placed at the top of the first page. If you don’t win the auction, there are a few other spots available on the first page and sometime on the second page as well. So, you still get some chances to attract a visitor to your website even if your budget is lower than some of your competitors.


Some Google Ads benefits:

Google Ads is measurable and Scalable

This is one of the most interesting facts about this platform: No other marketing tools give you such a powerful way to analyse the ROI of your marketing efforts. Once your campaign works, simply increase your daily budget and you will naturally increase your lead generation as well.

Targeting the right people:

Why should you pay to get your advertisement shown to people who aren’t going to buy your product or services anyway? With Google ads, you can fine-tune your audience based on location, demographics, and interests. Most importantly, you show your ads only when people are looking for your products or services. This will never be the case if you advertise on TV, radio or pretty much any other marketing tools.

You can stop whenever you want

Google Ads is Flexible, if for any reason you want to stop your campaign for a while (or permanently), you can do it by turning off your campaign(s) on your dashboard. Your ads will stop running immediately. This can be interesting for small and medium sized companies that have reached their work capacity limit during holiday periods, or even if you discover that Google Ads is not a good investment for your business.

Get immediate results

Google Ads can potentially generate some high quality leads the next day you launch your first campaign. This is an important distinction between Google Ads and using SEO. It takes months and lot of hard work to naturally rank your website on the first search page using SEO.

 My recommendation: make as many SEO improvements possible, and then launch your first Google Ads campaign to compensate for the stretch of time that your website won’t be generating much organic traffic.

Google Ads convert better than organic traffic

There is no way to control your organic traffic or how people end up on your website without clicking on sponsored ads as your Google Ads traffic is ONLY coming from your favourite location and match the demographic criteria you defined. You are more likely to get some sales from these website visitors than random traffic.



Not spending a part of your marketing budget on Google Ads would be an enormous mistake in my opinion. Google Ads will not be a miracle solution replacing all your other marketing efforts. Radio, TV, and billboards will increase your notoriety. Your website, and your global online presence increase potential customer trust. Google Ads gives you a great advantage over your competitors, ensuring that your customers can discover your company exactly when they are looking for your products and your services.


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