Best Application To Manage Your Projects? Discover Nifty…

Nifty is arguably the most user-friendly and affordable project management software available on the internet.


It makes it easy to organise tasks, track time spent on projects and communicate with other team members. 

At Boost Online, it’s been over three years since we started to use Nifty to manage and keep track of our web development projects. We are all addicted to this project management solution and Nifty usually is the first application we open in the morning.


What do we really like about Nifty:


1- Nifty has a flexible structure that lets you organise the projects the way you want. Projects include tasks, tasks include subtasks and tasks can be organised in different lists within your projects. You can add tags and assign tasks to one or several team members.


2- Nifty is a cloud-based application, this means that you can access it from any device as long as you have your credentials and an internet connection. 


3- Nifty has done a great job with their mobile app. You can manage your tasks and projects almost as easily on your smartphone than on a desktop. The app is essential to get notified when you receive a new message or when another team member mentions your name in a task.


4- Your team will be able to easily record the time spent on each task. They just need to turn on the timer when they start working on a task and turn off when they stop. If they forget, time can be manually edited and new entries can be added at any time. Measuring the profitability of your projects will be a lot more accurate when you have a perfect idea of the time spent on them.


5- You can create projects and tasks templates, so you don’t need to start from scratch each time you create a new project. The project templates can include tasks, subtasks, lists, tags, etc.


6- Nifty can easily be connected to other software via Zapier, Make, KonnectzIT or Albato. At Boost Online, we have automated the creation of most of our common tasks. As an example, an admin task is created each time we receive a new message from our website contact form and automatically assigned to the right team member.


7- You can assign your team members to different roles. Four roles are available out of the box: owner, admin, members and guest. Each of these roles have different levels of permission. If none of these roles work for you, Nifty lets you create custom roles that allow you to be very specific with the permissions you give to your team.


8- The integrated chat is very powerful, at Boost Online, we all work remotely and Nifty is the only tool we use for internal communication. There are many ways you can communicate with Nifty: 1-2-1 chat, group chat, tasks comments and more. You can even integrate Zoom and start your video calls inside Nifty.


9- Flexible pricing and no minimum number of members so you can start to use Nifty even if you work on your own. Nifty has a free version, but many essential features are not included. It is usually a better option to subscribe to a paid plan as Nifty offers a 14-day free trial. That’s long enough to see if you like the software or not. The starter plan is only $5 USD / month / user and unlocks all the important features you need to get started.


The improvements we expect from Nifty:


Nifty has been around for the past 6 years. They are constantly improving the software, adding new features based on customers feedback and overall Nifty is very reliable. Below are the few improvements we would like to see in Nifty.


1- A customer relationship management system directly integrated into Nifty would make perfect sense. It would be super helpful to be able to manage all our contacts directly in Nifty, we could attach them to projects or even easily invite them as guests. As an alternative, we currently use ActiveCampaign as our CRM system. That’s not as good as if the CRM was part of our project management system but the integration between ActiveCampaign and Nifty has been working flawlessly so far.


2- You can store your files in Nifty, but at Boost Online, we decided to not use this feature and keep all our files in our Google Drive. It is more convenient this way as we regularly need to share entire folders with our clients. If the files are stored in Nifty, only members and guests can access the folders, there is no way to create a sharable link for people that are not part of your Nifty workspace.


3- Nifty includes a very good text editor to create documents. Unfortunately, that’s another feature we decided to leave on the side. It is not possible to add Nifty documents to a Google Drive as they have to live within the Nifty Workspace. It makes more sense to us to have our documents with our other project files in our Google Drive folder, so we use Google Doc instead of the Nifty text editor.


4- The calendar feature in Nifty is too basic in our opinion. It is good enough for us to manage our planning but as an example, there is no way to add colours to tasks added to the calendar. That’s not a big deal but it would be more visually appealing if the tasks in the calendar had different colours based on the project they are living in.


In conclusion, Nifty is an impressive project management software. It is a must have for teams working remotely, businesses that manage projects for clients or anyone that needs to be more organised with task management.

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