Best Australian hosting providers for WordPress websites

If you create a WordPress website for your business, you will need to choose a hosting provider before going live on the internet.

What to consider when choosing your hosting provider

The very first thing you need to check when you compare different hosting providers is their data centre locations. 

If you own an Australian business and you mainly target Australian visitors, then you should go for a hosting company that can host your website in a data centre in Australia. Your website will be significantly faster than if the server is located on another continent. Not many hosting providers have data centres in Australia, so it will shorten the list of options to consider.

Another important thing is to always check what type of support is offered by the hosting company you are considering. It is always preferable to go for a provider that offers 24/7 support (live chat or phone). Many budget hosting companies will only offer email support and / or limited chat support. As you can imagine, in case you have an issue with your website hosting, you will want to fix it straight away.

Top 3 hosting providers for Australian WordPress websites

The three companies we have listed below have data centres in Australia, they all have technicians available 24/7 by phone or live chat, and they all offer super fast hosting optimised for WordPress websites.


Siteground is an international hosting company and they have servers in the best data centres around the world, including one data centre in Sydney.

Siteground is where we host all our websites at Boost Online, and this is also the company we recommend to most of our clients. WordPress websites hosted with 000 are incredibly fast. 

The Siteground’s backup system is excellent. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, and nothing to set up, your website will automatically back up every day and you can come back to a previous version in just a few clicks at any time.

Siteground is a premium hosting company, and they offer very competitive prices. You can start to host your website for one year for less than $3 AUD per month (then you will automatically switch to the regular price of 20 AUD per month).

WP Engine

In case you want to host your website with an Australian company, we recommend you to check WP Engine.

WP Engine is known to be a premium hosting company and they offer outstanding support to their customers.

In our opinion, the downsides of WP Engine are:

  • Their pricing structure might be a bit confusing if you don’t know much about hosting.
  • You will have to pay significantly more than Siteground for a similar hosting plan
  • The hosting interface is quite complex. Siteground is a lot easier to use for non-techie people.


Cloudways is another premium hosting company with a data centre in Sydney (Australia). 

Cloudways offers more flexibility than Siteground and WP Engine. That’s great if you have a perfect understanding of the hosting technologies.  

However, Cloudways might not be the best option if you are not interested in the technical side of your website hosting or if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started.

What if your web developer offers to host your website on their own server?

Many web developers or agencies offer a monthly WordPress website maintenance package that includes hosting. On paper this is perfect as you won’t have to worry about hosting.

Unfortunately, there’s one issue when opting for this option: If your web agency closes down, you will have to hire the services of another developer to move your website to another server, in the worst case scenario, you might even permanently lose your website.

That’s why we highly encourage you to subscribe to your own hosting plan, your website will be in a safer place.

Don’t worry, even if your web developer offers their own hosting solution, they should happily assist you to host your website with another hosting provider.

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