Boost your local SEO with Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free tool allowing entrepreneurs to manage how their company appears on Google Map and Google search results.

Your business listing can be published in just a few simple steps and once it is done, it will be a lot easier for your potential customers to find more information about your company on the internet (location, business hours, contact details, etc…). 

This article is the perfect introduction to Google Business Profile and we will discuss how you could take advantage of it in order to boost your local SEO.


Google Business Profile: The New Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages was the most popular business directory since its launch in 1886. While the physical copy of Yellow Pages is still delivered to each Australian household in 2024, most of us choose to research the company information we need on the internet.

Yellow Pages decided to shift online very quickly and their website became very popular in the early stage of the internet. Unfortunately, Yellow Pages experienced a continuous decline in popularity since Google launched their own business directory in 2005. 


What Is The Difference Between Google Business Profile and Google My Business?

Google Business Profile is the new name of Google My Business. Both names are referring to the free business directory available on Google.

Google announced the name change in November 2021. This is actually the fifth time that Google has changed the name of their local directory.


Is Google Business Profile Really Free?

Yes, it is absolutely free to create, manage and update your Google Business Profile(s) as long as your business is open.

Not sure where to start to create your listing?

Simply follow the steps listed in our comprehensive guide:

How To Set Up & Optimise Your Google Business Profile


The Benefits Of Google Business Profiles For  Your Company:

Enhanced Visibility On Google

Google Business Profile can help you generate internet traffic for your business. Every time someone searches for a keyword related to your industry, you will be eligible to appear in the local business directory on Google search page or Google Map.

Ideal To Easily Improve Your Local SEO

Your Google Business Profile is an essential part of your local SEO strategy. Optimising your profile the right way will help you appearing on top of the map listings for local searches. 

Searches on mobile like “where to buy” and “near me” have increased by 200% in less than 3 years. These searches are really important as they are usually performed by internet user ready to buy within your area.

Gain Trust From Potential Customers

Google Business Profile allows people to review companies on Google.

In 2024, it is a common practice to carefully look at Google reviews before purchasing a product or engaging a local business for services. If you don’t have any reviews, your business won’t even be considered by most of your potential customers.

To get the maximum credibility on the internet, you should implement an effective strategy to request positive and genuine reviews.

Feel free to read our Comprehensive guide “How To Receive More Positive Reviews On Google” for more tips on this subject.

Display As Much Information As You Want On Google

With Google Business Profile, you are not limited to only display your address and your phone number. You can showcase all your services and products, you can add several business categories, tell people what is the best way(s) to get in touch with your team, add your opening hours, your business description, your logo, as many photos and videos as you want, etc…

Google let you update your listing in real time as often as you want. We highly recommend you to review your important details on a regular basis to make sure your customers are always accurately informed about your business.

Better Customer Engagement

Customers can interact with your business in many ways:

  • asking questions 
  • interacting with your posts
  • direct messages
  • reviews

Note: the messaging feature is optional, you can easily turn it off if you prefer people to contact you by phone or through a form on your website.

Advertise Locally On Google

Your Google Business Profile can be connected to your Google Ads account. This will alow you to:

  • Show your closest location in your Google Search Ads
  • Boost your listing to appear on top of the local search listing

This is a great opportunity to target local potential customers likely to buy from your business and only pay for the clicks you receive (you won’t be charged for the impressions as long as people don’t click on your ads)

Competitive Advantage

Most businesses underestimate the power of Google Business Profile. Most won’t take the time to properly optimise and manage their listing and others won’t even create a listing. 

According to Redsearch studies, around 55% of local businesses in Australia still don’t have a Google Business Profile.

If you’re part of these 55%, you’re missing out on the chances to be found by local internet users looking for your products or services.

Having your business listing up to date on Google is free and it will give you a serious advantage over your competitors who are not properly using this free tool provided by Google.

Free Analytics

Google Business Profile provides you insights on how your customers find your business listing and what actions they take while they are on it.

The information you will get are very valuable and can help you improving your overall marketing strategy.


What next?

We have two comprehensive guides available on our website that can help you succeeding with your Google Business Profile Strategy:

How To Set Up & Optimise Your Google Business Profile

How To Receive More Positive Reviews On Google

You should always do your best to stay ahead of your competition with a well optimised Google Business Profile.

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