How To Receive More Positive Reviews on Google

Google reviews allow us to learn more about other buyers’ experiences. They are really helpful to make an important purchase decision. This is why reviews can’t be neglected by companies looking to grow and increase their sales revenue.

Are you wondering how your business could get more positive reviews on Google? 

In this article, we will share everything you should know about the best practices and how to implement a strategy to effectively collect reviews from your customers.


The benefits of a good Google Review Strategy

1. Many positive Google Reviews will makes your business a lot more credible.

A potential customer is more likely to buy from you if they can read positive feedback about your products and services.

2. Reviews can significantly improve your visibility on Google search results.

Google’s search algorithm considers many factors in determining the ranking of your business listing and web pages on the internet. Google Reviews is one of the most important factor! The more positive Google reviews you have, the more likely your business will show up on the first page for your most important industry keywords.

3. Reviews influence your consumers decisions.

According to a survey by Podium, Reviews influence 88% of consumers in discovering a local business. Hence, your positive reviews are likely to be what makes people buy from you instead of your competitors.


Always provide the best customer experience possible

Even the best review request strategy will not work if you are not providing excellent customer service. Below are a few simple and essential steps to provide a great customer experience:

  1. Respond promptly to customers’ inquiries.
  2. Greet your customers with a smile and always be courteous.
  3. Deliver what you promise!
  4. Always look for new ways to improve your products and services.
  5. Listen to the complaints of your customers and do whatever you can to resolve the issues they have with your company.
If you are already providing an impressive customer experience, well done! that’s
the most important part of your Google reviews strategy…


Make it easier for your customers to review your business on Google

Requesting Google reviews should be part of your work process. Never forget to ask a happy customer to write a review about their experience with your business.

1. Ask for a review at the right time. Many business owners ask for a review too early! Before you ask for a review, make sure your customer was already able to experience the benefits of your products or services.

2. Provide a link that will take them directly to your review page (you can find this link in your Google Business Profile dashboard).

3. Tell your customers why it is important for your business to receive genuine Google reviews.

4. Asking once is usually enough and you will still get a lot more reviews than if you never ask for it! You can’t expect to receive a review each time you ask for it. In fact, only a low percentage of the customers you will ask to review your business will end up doing it. They might not have a Google Account, they might not know how to post a review, or maybe they just don’t want to review your business. Asking several times for a Google review will just make them uncomfortable and they will not come back to you when they need your services in the future.

5. Keep track of your review requests: You could add a drop-down field in your customer relationship management software (CRM) or you could just keep a note in your phone if you don’t deal with too many customers.

6. If you have a lot of customers or if it is not possible to ask everyone in person, you could consider using email automation to request Google Reviews. You would simply set your automation with a software like Active Campaign or Encharge to send an email to your customers a few hours (or days) after they receive your products or services.


Be familiar with the process of reviewing another company on Google

Do you actually know how to leave a Google review to another business? If you are requesting reviews from your customers, we highly recommend you to be comfortable with the process of leaving a review to another business. The best way to learn is by practicing. 

Think of a list of the businesses you received value from their services. Look for their Google Business Listing and post a review. It will help them and you will be a lot more comfortable when one of your customers ask you to show them how to post a review for your company.


Add your Google review request link to your email signature

The most effective way to request a review will always be to personally ask for it. But another simple strategy to apply if you communicate with your customers by email, is to include your review link into your email signature. 

That’s the easiest Google review automation process possible and it might help you get a review once in a while without asking for it.


Responding to Google Reviews is essential

It is important to respond to reviews as soon as you can because it shows that you value your customers. Your response to a review will impact the purchase decisions of other potential customers. 

Best practices to reply to positive reviews:

Always show your customers how grateful you are when they go the extra mile to support your business.

Sometimes, even a good review can be tricky to answer. The good news is that you actually don’t need to make it complicated. A quick and personalised answer like “Hi John, thank you so much for your support, it is always a pleasure to work with you. We are looking forward to see you again in our shop!” is a lot better than an unanswered review on your business profile.

You can also quickly summarise how you helped them so people reading your answer will get a better understanding of the value you provide and what set your business apart from your competition.

Answering all your positive reviews should help you receiving even more reviews! (Why would you post a review to encourage a business if they don’t even take the time to answer the previously posted reviews? Personally, I wouldn’t…).

Quick SEO tip:

You can add some specific industry keywords in your answers. It can
contribute to rank your listing higher when someone is looking for these keywords on

Best practices to reply to negative reviews:

No one likes negative reviews, however, it is important to be prepared to handle them as it can happen at any time in the lifetime of a business. With the right approach, you could actually turn these negative reviews into something positive for your business. Yes, potential clients will check your bad reviews but they will also judge the quality of your services based on the way you answer them. That’s why we recommend to always remain professional and polite when replying to negative reviews, even if you have the feeling that the review was not deserved.

1. Take some time to evaluate the review

Before responding to a review, you need to understand what went wrong and why the customer is not feeling happy about the experience received. Was it an internal issue with your team? Was it due to some wrong expectations from the customer? Whatever the origin is, you should always take it as an opportunity to make some business improvements instead of blaming the customer.

2. Apologise if it is necessary

By doing this, you will show potential customers that you are able to admit when something goes wrong with your business.

3. Provide a solution to the issue

Reply to the review with a solution so you can show readers how good you are at resolving problems. You should also always end your reply on Google by inviting the customer to continue the conversation through email or phone.


How To Remove Negative Google Reviews

You might be wondering if you can get a Google review removed from your business listing. Unfortunately, there are no ways to remove a Google Review yourself. However, you have two other options available to get it removed:

Option 1: Report the review to the Google support

You may be able to get the review removed by the Google support if you see that it violates Google’s content policy. The removal process takes time as someone at Google needs to analyse your request in order to decide if the review should be removed or not. Please keep in mind that reporting a review will not guarantee that it will be removed. The final decision will only depend if Google sees the bad review as legitimate or not.

Option 2: Talk to your customer

The only way to remove a bad review that doesn’t go against Google’s content policy is to do whatever it takes to solve the customer’s problem, and then you can politely ask them to edit or remove their review by explaining that you did absolutely everything in your power to resolve the issue.

What if you suspect a Google review to be fake?

One thing you can do when you receive a bad review to assess if it is fake or not is to check the other reviews left by the person to other businesses. A bad review left by a new Google profile is more likely to be fake. You can also check if the person lives locally based on the other businesses reviewed. If the person is not local, you can mention it to Google when you report the review, it might help them make the decision to remove the bad review from your Google Profile Listing. 

To increase your chance to get the review removed, you should always provide as much information as you can when you submit your request. However, keep in mind that Google won’t assess the quality of the service received by your customer or the negative impact it might have on your business. All they will verify to decide if the review need to be removed or not is if the review complies with their content policy and if the review is left by a real person.

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