Digital Marketing Reports

how do you know if your strategy is profitable without an accurate reporting system?

In your Boost Online digital marketing reports you will have a perfect picture of your:

Website visitors behaviour

Web advertising campaigns

Average cost per conversion

Keyword ranking on Google

Measure your return on investment

At Boost Online we can set up an easy to understand and accurate digital marketing reporting system for your company.
Your monthly (or weekly) reports will give you a perfect understanding of how your digital marketing campaigns are performing.
Together, we will use the data collected to skyrocket your online performance and overtake all your competitors in a very short timeframe.

One report for your entire online presence

Do you find it hard to stay on top of all your digital marketing efforts? At Boost Online, we gather all the data of your entire digital marketing strategy in a unique report.

Data segmented by traffic sources

To be able to understand the performance of your marketing efforts, you need to know where your visitors come from before they take action on your website.
We segment your traffic in severlal categories (organic, paid traffic, email, referral, other) and you will also get the data of each of your advertising campaigns.

Goal convertion tracking

In order to create an accurate reporting system, it is essentilal to set up your conversion tracking to record all essential actions taken by your website visitors.

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