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Web hosting

Quality hosting is essential if you want your website to perform well. At Boost Online, Siteground is by far our favourite hosting company. They offer premium hosting, a simple pricing structure, outstanding support and they have web servers located in Australia. You can’t go wrong by hosting your company website with SiteGround. 
If you have advanced knowledge about hosting or very specific hosting needs,  we recommend you to have a look at Cloudways and WP Engines (these 2 hosting companies also have web servers in Australia).

Ultra-fast website hosting solution. Siteground is recommended by and trusted by the owners of over 2,800,000 domains.
Cloudways turbocharges your lead generation website or ecommerce store with incredibly fast, secure, and flexible cloud hosting solutions.
Wp Engine is a well-known hosting company located in Brisbane. Best WordPress hosting solution if you want to deal with a support team based in Australia.

Page builders

Elementor is our “go to” page builder for WordPress. Leadpages is our favourite option to create simple landing pages when our clients want to be able to easily update the content themselves

Elementor is by far our favourite WordPress page builder. Easy to learn and use with the best live drag & drop editor​ and all the website design features you will ever need.
Leadpages is our favourite tool to build hight-converting and ultra-fast landing pages for web advertising campaigns

CRM and Email marketing

Active Campaign is the email marketing leading technology. We love it! However, there are some other software that you should check out when you are looking to implement a new CRM and email marketing solution. Encharge interface is more attractive than Active Campaign and it works flawlessly. Pipedrive is our latest discovery and we were so impressed by the simplicity of the CRM that we decided to migrate from Active Campaign in 2023

The best email marketing, and CRM tools available online to create incredible customer experiences.
Encharge is a powerful email marketing solution with a stunning interface that works for any type of businesses. Encharge is the easiest email marketing app to get started in our opinion.
Pipedrive is a powerful and affordable CRM that let you manage leads and automate your entire sales process in one place.

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Project management

If you are looking for a project management software that can really help you and your team to stay on top of your projects, don’t look further, Nifty is simple and includes all the feature you will ever need to manage your tasks, team communication, planning, and time spent on projects.

Ultimate project management software. Nifty includes Roadmaps, Tasks, Docs, Chats, & all the other tools your team need to manage projects.


Oviond is an easy to use and affordable software if you want to create your own business digital marketing reports
Oviond automates reporting from over 50 marketing platforms. Ideal solution if you want to stay on track of your digital marketing strategy.

Appointment booking

If you need an easy to use application with premium features to automate appointment booking on your website, you should check Trafft out. Ideal booking system for healthcare, Salons, Coaches, consultants and any other businesses looking for a robust and easy appointment booking solution to implement on their own website.

Easiest solution to display your services and availabilities on your website. Let your customers book appointments at their convenience 24/7.

Video hosting

If you add videos to your website, hosting is a critical. Wistia is the leading and best video hosting solution on the market. Gumlet is a more affordable option with all the feature you need to effectively display your videos on your website.

Wistia makes it easy to display your videos on your website. Beautiful and customisable players, Advertising free solution and powerful video analytics features
Gumlet is a great Wistia alternative if you are looking for something more affordable. Everything you need to display your marketing videos on your website is included.

Web chat system

Adding a web chat on your website can significantly increase the number of enquiries you receive from the web. We recommend LiveChat for its simplicity and continually if you are looking for a user friendly interface allowing you to build advanced bots that can answer your website visitor for you.

LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that will help you connect with your website visitors. You can implement LiveChat on your website in minutes.
Never miss a lead from your website. Continually is the simplest way to add a live chat system with powerful automation features to your site.

Zoom alternative for business

Do you (or would like to) organise video calls with your customers or colleagues? Vectera, is the ideal white labelled Zoom alternative for businesses. Your clients will be impressed how simple it is to start a video call. No need to download an application, they will only have to click on a link to get started. 

A powerful branded video meetings solution for your business. Ideal as a Zoom alternative if you want to provide a better video call experience to your team and customers

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Social Media Management

Sendible was our Social Media management software of choice for many years. It works flawlessly and includes all the features you can expect to plan and manage your organic social media posting.

We recently discovered Vista Social. This is another powerful social media management tool. We find Vista Social to be more affordable than Sendible for a very similar offer.

Manage your social media at scale with Sendible. One of the leading technology to grow your audience and reach your social media goals.
Powerful all-in-one social media management platform for all types of businesses and brands that want to lead their industries.

Paid advertising protection

If you use online advertising to promote your company, we recommend Clickcease to block harmful traffic and avoid to waste your advertising budget on bots and other fake clicks.

ClickCease is the ultimate technology to protect your advertising budget by blocking unwanted traffic from clicking on your Google, Bing and Facebook ads.

QR code creation

QR codes became so popular over the past few years. SQR allow you to create your own dynamic QR codes in minutes. It will be easier for your customers to access your websites or landing pages and you will get a better idea of what marketing campaigns perform the best with the integrated analytic tracking system. 

SQR is our favourite QR code generator. Must have solution to easily create unlimited dynamic QR codes and short links with your own brand domain name.

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