Is Zapier the best automation tool for your business?

Zapier is an automation tool we absolutely love at Boost Online and we still haven’t found anything that works as flawlessly when it comes to business automation.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a software that lets you connect together the web applications you already use.  The main benefit is that once your Zaps are created, some actions can automatically be performed in one of your apps when something else happens in another of your apps.

More than 5000 applications can be connected with Zapier and it is very likely that all the applications you use for your business are part of them.

Some common tasks that we like to automate with Zapier

Each company will have very different needs when it comes to business automation. Once you start to have experience with Zapier, you will come up with some new business automation ideas every single day.

As a website development company, here is the most common type of automation we create with Zapier for our clients. We automate several tasks to be performed each time a new form is submitted on their company website.

Let’s say that a company has a contact form on their website. Here would be a great and simple automation process that could be done with the help of Zapier:

Trigger: A new message is sent from the website

All the following actions can automatically be performed with Zapier:

  1. The contact is created or updated into the company CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  2. A note including the information received is added to the contact 
  3. A task is created in the project management system and automatically assigned to the right team member (salesperson or administration depending on the type of enquiry).
  4. Leads are automatically added to the email marketing software and they will automatically receive some personalised welcoming emails in the next few hours / days.

If the company receives several messages per day through the website, this kind of automation can save many hours per week for the team and it will also improve the customer’s first experience with the company.

How much does it cost to automate a business with Zapier?

Zapier doesn’t offer an unlimited plan, so you will need to pick one of the plans that lets you perform the number of tasks you need.

You can start with the free plan, but you will be limited to 100 tasks per month (that’s not much), you will miss out on some essential features like multi-steps automations, and you won’t be able to connect the list of applications considered premium by Zapier.

The free plan is great to test the power of Zapier, but it is very unlikely to be enough in the long term.  

The Starter plan really lets you do a lot with Zapier. It is the right plan to get started and based on our experience, most companies won’t ever have to upgrade to a higher plan.

This means that you can automate your business for as little as $20 USD / per month with Zapier. That’s pretty cheap if you set up your automation properly as you and your team will save plenty of hours each month.


Zapier is definitely a tool that is worth considering if you are planning to automate your business. At Boost Online, we have automated hundreds (if not thousands) of tasks for our clients. We would be more than happy to help your company as well. 

You could also set up your automation yourself as it doesn’t require coding skills and the interface is really user-friendly. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time learning it in order to get your zaps working as they should. This is due to the incredible power of the software; you will need some experience in order to truly take advantage of it.

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