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The Fastest Way To Get New Leads

Are you looking for the fastest way to generate new leads through the internet?

At Boost Online we help our customers choosing the right advertising platform and create their first campaigns. We want them to start the right way with an online advertisement.

Online advertising is very different from other vehicles like radio, Tv, billboards, local newspapers, etc. It can be quite complicated to start with, but once you master it, this will give you much more control than any other marketing strategies.

– Decide your daily budget, no contract, you stop it or pause it whenever you want. For example, if your company is busy before the holiday, just pause your web advertising campaign and restart it when you come back from your holiday.

– Choose your targeted audience. Define who is more likely to become your next customers and show your ads to these people only. Gender – age – interest and even household incomes are some of the criteria you will be able to adjust.

– Scale your marketing effort. See if you are actually making money from your web advertising. On top of that, you can analyze pretty much everything happening with your web advertising campaign (number of clicks, time people stay on your landing page, and their behavior). You have the opportunity to constantly improve and try different versions until you find THE WINNING CAMPAIGN.

Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, and YouTube are our favorite ways to promote local businesses. These new advertisement platforms are fantastic opportunities for local businesses to generate more sales. Don’t let your competitors discover it before you!

Contact Boost Online today and get an expert to create your first online marketing campaign.

Google Ads

By far our favorite tool! Show your website to people looking for your products and services by targeting your specific area and narrowing your audience based on demographic information.

You can even target people depending on their household income!

Facebook  Ads

Promote your business where your customer spends most of their time, the perfect tool for notoriety or if you have an irresistible offer.

Very powerful audience targeting tools mostly based on demographics and interests.


Do you have impressive photos of your products or can you show the benefit of your services on a photograph? Instagram is the social media you should to advertise on and show off your company.


If your business can be attractive in a one-minute video, you must consider advertising on YouTube! The video is an extremely powerful advertisement and the favorite marketing tool for national and international companies. It becomes affordable for local businesses to advertise using video through the second biggest search engine in the world.

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