Protect Your Google Ads Budget Against Click Fraud

In the digital advertising world, ensuring that every dollar you spend brings genuine results is crucial.

It is estimated that around 20% to 30% of all clicks on online ads are fake. This high volume of fake clicks means a considerable part of your advertising budget could be wasted if not properly protected.

What is Clickcease?

ClickCease is a comprehensive service designed to protect your Google Ads campaigns from invalid clicks. These are clicks on your ads that are not from genuine customers. They can waste your budget and negatively alter your advertising data. 

ClickCease uses advanced technology to identify and prevent these unproductive clicks, ensuring that your advertising budget is spent efficiently on real, potential customers.


Types of Clicks Blocked by ClickCease

ClickCease effectively identifies and blocks several types of undesirable clicks, including:

  1. Automated Clicks: These are clicks generated by bots or automated scripts, not by real people.
  2. Competitor Clicks: Sometimes, competitors may click on your ads to drain your budget.
  3. Click Farms: Groups of individuals or automated systems that repeatedly click on ads without any intent of engaging with the actual service or product.
  4. Unusual Activity: Any other forms of activity that don’t align with normal user behavior.


How Does ClickCease Block These Clicks?

ClickCease employs a sophisticated algorithm that monitors your ad traffic in real-time. This system analyzes patterns and behaviors, identifying clicks that don’t exhibit genuine interest. Once an illegitimate click is detected, ClickCease automatically add the IP address to the IP exclusion list in your Google Ads account. This process helps to preserve your budget for real customers who are truly interested in what you offer.


ClickCease Also Protect your Facebook Ads Campaigns

With ClickCease, you can safeguard your Facebook Ads in the same way you protect your Google Ads. The tool monitors and blocks unproductive clicks, ensuring that your advertising budget on Facebook is directed towards real engagement and potential customers. 

This comprehensive coverage across two major advertising platforms significantly enhances the effectiveness of your entire digital marketing strategy.


ClickCease Plans and Pricing

ClickCease offers different plans to suit various needs:

  1. Standard Plan: Ideal for small businesses or individual advertisers. This plan includes all click fraud protection features you need. You will be able to protect 1 website and 1 advertising platform (Google Ads OR Facebook Ads) Price: AUD 75 per month.
  2. Pro Plan: Geared towards medium-sized businesses, offering some more advanced features. Protect up to 5 websites and 2 advertising platforms. Price: AUD 95 per month.
  3. Custom Plan: Tailored for large businesses or those with specific needs. Pricing for this plan is custom and based on the specific requirements of the business.



ClickCease is a must-have service for anyone using Google and Facebook Ads. 
By protecting your ads from fraudulent clicks on both platforms, ClickCease ensures that every dollar of your budget is an investment towards reaching genuine customers. The peace of mind and potential savings it offers make it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.
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