Is Your Website Well Optimized?


Optimizing a website to appear higher in search results is actually not that complicated for local businesses. Understanding how to work for search engine companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is the most important step before thinking of an SEO strategy for your website. The main goal of search engine companies is to show the most relevant content possible to their users. The best way to start with SEO is to make sure your website is seen as high-quality content by search engine companies. To do so, there are some rules to respect and updating website content quite often will be crucial.

As a local business, if you want to appear above your competitors in the search results, it is highly recommended to optimize your website.  Don’t forget that it will be a fantastic opportunity to get “free” new leads looking for your products and services within your area.

At Boost Online, our goal is to help local businesses with their online marketing strategy. SEO is generally the second step we recommend. The first one is to create a very good-looking website showing off your company.

We’ve got a package specifically designed for local businesses covering essential SEO. We will adapt this package to suit your needs. This SEO package is the most efficient and affordable way to start with your search engine optimization.

We truly believe that every company should take care of their website ranking. However, it is important to specify that SEO won’t give results right away. Consider it as a medium- or long-term investment, as it can take months for Google to index your pages. If you are looking for immediate results, we strongly recommend you consider an online advertisement. Feel free having a look here and compare. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be SEO or online advertisement, these two methods are perfectly compatible, and all successful online businesses are heavily using both to get new leads through the internet.

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Search Engine Optimization VS Google Ads


What is the best option for your local business, focusing on SEO or your Google Ads campaign ?

SEO is a long term strategy, it will require a lot of efforts to expect your first results after months, Google ads on the other hand can start generating leads as soon as your campaign is live. Most importantly, ads are shown on top of the first page. By spending a few cents per click, it becomes possible to appear even higher than compagnies spending thousands of dollars per months in SEO strategy. So why continuing investing in SEO if it is easier, faster and cheaper to get result with Google Ads? Firstly, SEO highly contribute to the quality of your website. Secondly, even if new customers are generated through Google Ads, they are more likely to search for your website one day. It would be very frustrating that they can’t find you and finally decide to visit a competitor website. Even if SEO will not bring results right away, getting new leads in a close futur without paying one cents will be very rewarding.

In summary, at Boost Online we generally recommend to take care of your SEO as soon as possible and then creating the first google ads campaign. You will never have to choose between one or the other, your Boost Online expert will be here to advise on the best way to split your budget between all the marketing options available for your company.

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