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Boost Online uses only WordPress to develop customers websites.

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS available. It is the best tool to create well designed, powerful, and affordable websites. Don’t even waste your time looking for something else. More than 3 of websites are powered by WordPress. If it is trusted by millions of companies around the world, there is a great chance that it is also a great option for you. The fact is that you can’t go wrong using WordPress, your new website won’t only look good, it will be strong, evolutive, clean, and user-friendly. After a few months, you will also realize that you rank well in Google search and the cost of maintenance is extremely low.

Websites should not only be a pretty brochure, at Boost Online, we think ahead from the beginning. Our goal is to provide “an engine powering lead generation” to our customers. We will also set up all the tools you need to be able to scale your digital marketing efforts.


People visit your website because they are looking for information. If they don’t find it right away, they will leave and try to find what they want somewhere else. Don’t worry, we care about your digital presence and will make sure visitors enjoy their time on your new website.


We love creating good looking websites. However, the design should be as simple as possible. Complicated designs generally do not provide the expected results. We build every single website from scratch, we don’t use any template. Your website is our artwork and we want you to be proud of it.


Website visitors use different devices to browse the internet. Your company should make sure everyone has the best experience on your website. Boost Online will manage it for you. All the websites we build are optimized to be mobile friendly.


If you are looking for someone to develop your website, you probably don’t want to hear about the technical things. We will manage all of that for you. Are you curious and want to understand exactly what happens behind the scene? No problem, our team will clearly explain all you want to know.


Your website reflects your image, if you offer new products or services, you should update your website content and spread the word through the internet. WordPress will make it so easy to update your content. Leave the Boost Online team to managing it for you, or if you prefer, we will teach you how to do it yourself.


We help by keeping your website secure. WordPress is one of the safest environments as long as the best security practices are followed. Tell us if you want us to update your site for you or this is also something we can teach you if you prefer to take control once your website is live.

Content Creation

Your website content is the key to your online success. Texts, photos, video, and infographics must be of high quality if you want to retain website visitors and convert them to customers. At Boost Online, we help our customers to create the right content for their website.


Content Writing

If you already have the text ready for your new website, that is perfect. However, if it seems too complicated for you to create high-quality content and no one in your company is able to do it, we will be here to help. Our professional content writer partners will create top-quality text for your new website. Keep in mind that you will still have to give us the main idea of each paragraph and the more precise you are, the faster your website will be live.


We recommend that you get the best photos possible related to your company. The best option is to hire a professional photographer. If you cannot provide us with enough photos, we have access to millions of copyright-free stock photos and can find some related to your industry. Stock photos look good but can make your website impersonal. That is why we recommend you provide your own photos. Another option, if you are not a photographer but have some decent pictures that could add some value to your website, we can improve them (color correction, cropping, and even remove unwanted objects with photoshop).


Videos are extremely popular on websites, people prefer watching one- or two-minutes videos in order to understand what you do instead of reading your whole website. Again, the best option would be to hire a professional to create your videos. If you do not wish to do it and are happy to record yourself, we can assist you with the script and the editing parts. We will write a script together, you record it, and we edit it. Don t worry, you will not need an expensive camera. On the internet, in order to get fast loading, HD is the maximum resolution we use. Most smartphones can create HD videos. So, in most cases, all you need to create impressive videos that add high-value to your website is a good smartphone.


Some messages can be difficult to understand for website visitors. Infofrgaphy consist of a design explainer. Find the problem your customers generally have and how your company can solve them. We create a simple design or animation, in order to explain it. This is a very powerful tool on a website and can boost your visitor conversion into leads.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Your logo is most likely to be the first thing your customers or potential customers will see. Having a clear brand identity will help your customers remember you. At Boost Online, we can help you define a simple, but effective brand identity, that you will be able to use in your website and also all your physical support like business cards, car wrap, signs, etc.

Let's work together!

We will be happy to analyze your business in order to identify the right online marketing strategy for you, as well as provide you with a cost estimate.