Where should you host the videos displayed on your website

Quality marketing videos on a company website usually significantly increase the sales conversion rate. There are many ways you can take advantage of videos to make your website more profitable:

  • Create a short introduction video on your home page
  • Video explainer in service and product pages
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Etc…

The easiest way to add videos to your website:

There is a very easy way to display a video on your website. First, post your video on YouTube, then login to the backend of your website, drag and drop a video module into your page (most website builders will let you do this), then add the video URL, save the changes you just did to your site and then you are all set. This method is quick and easy but it is not perfect:

  • YouTube can display ads on your videos at any time. This will negatively impact the quality of your user experience.
  • Your website visitors can click on a button to go on YouTube. You work hard to get traffic on your website. The last thing you want is to see your visitors leave before they take action on your site (buy a product, request a quote or get in touch with you).
  • YouTube can show related videos to your visitors during or at the end of your videos. It doesn’t have to be your videos and it is likely to be your competitors’ videos.
  • It is not possible to edit the style and colour of the YouTube video player.
  • If you post videos on Youtube, you need a channel, that’s another thing to take care of and not all businesses would benefit from having a video channel. Especially if you are not planning to create and post videos on a regular basis.

A better way to host the videos for your website:

If you drive a lot of paid traffic to your website (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads) or if you would like to optimise your website to get more conversions. We don’t recommend using YouTube as a video hosting solution.

Some companies like Wistia offer premium video hosting solutions to businesses. Wistia has been around for years and they are the leading company in this field. You can get a Wistia premium plan for only $19 USD. It is really easy to download your videos to the platform and show them on your websites. With Wistia, you can customise the video player, show distraction free videos, you won’t need to create and maintain a YouTube channel, you can password protect your video content or even add some call to action.

At Boost Online we usually recommend our clients to host their videos on Wistia (or similar video hosting providers).

Video hosted on Wistia will look a lot more professional than if you host your videos on YouTube.

Click here to visit the official Wistia website

A video posted on YouTube:

The same video posted on Wistia:

Some screenshots of the Wistia interface:

The Wistia interface is user friendly and it is super easy to upload new videos.


Wistia offers plenty of options to customise the look of your videos.

You can post your Wistia videos anywhere on the web, including social media and email campaigns.

Click here to visit the official Wistia website

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